​​​"​Wear Your Wood Art, From Your Mind To Your Design"-Designs Carved By OneAbove All 

Custom Bead Designs Unlimited

Go  To  Heavenly  Pearl  Necklace
This one of a kind wooden bead necklace  that is carved with hexagon  and abstract shapes to form a design that is stunning to the eyes.The center piece is the  Ten "Kanji" representing the meaning of heaven.  The colors used on this piece starts off with an undercoat of a light gray s a priming layer.  It is then coated with white and finally  the pearl white finish.  The center piece also has additional colors of a metallic black and red  highlights.  This design took approximately one month, from  start to completion.  Used 3 inch center bead and 2 1/4 beads were used on the other beads. 
"Ten" Kanji
This design is derived from my love for the character Gouki (Akuma) from. the StreetFighter video game.  It is accented with small half circles that are carved throughout each bead.  These carvings have been interpreted as scales, flower petals and many other things.  This necklace has been cherry stained with black on the symbol, 3 inch center bead used and 2 1/4 inch beads were used on the other beads.
Custom Hand-Made Art
Art Takes Time
Design Request
Only solid wood is used to create these "one of a kind designs", each custom piece is different from the next. No one will have an identical design piece, they are all created different with each carved stroke. 
Carving any piece takes an enormous amount of time to achieve our brand of perfection for each customer.  Nothing is ever rushed, and your work of art will be well worth the wait.
Leave your name, number, email, or message by clicking on the contact page, to order or submit any design request. 
  1. Red Ten Kanji
    Red Ten Kanji
    Cherry Stained Wood Ball-Top, with Red Ten Kanji, 1-1/2 inch Wood Ball used.
  2. Silver Ten Kanji
    Silver Ten Kanji
    Ebony Stained Wood Ball-Top, with Silver Ten Kanji, 1-1/2 inch Wood Ball used.
  3. Turquoise Ten Kanji
    Turquoise Ten Kanji
    Mahogany Stained Wood Ball-Top, with Turquoise Ten Kanji, 1-1/2 inch Wood Ball used.
  4. Yellow Ten Kanji
    Yellow Ten Kanji
    Oak Stained Wood Ball-Top, with Yellow Ten Kanji, 1-1/2 inch Wood Ball used.
Tiger! Tiger! Tiger!
Wood Elephant Set

 Wood Necklace, Earrings, and Bracelet with light and dark stained wooden beads. Little wooden elephants are an added accent to this delightful set.   ​Nickel free silver rings used for the earrings.
This stunning tiger design is a detailed necklace of tigers rapped around your neck, ready to devour the looks from all who gaze upon those green eyes!